Table Of Contents

  1. Executive Summary3

    1. Wow factor3

    2. Differentiation3

    3. Clarity4

    4. Use cases4

    5. Business model4

    6. Token ecosystem5

    7. Bonuses5

  2. Detailed Use Cases5

    1. Specification generator API for second-hand market places5

    2. Specification link for sellers6

    3. Widget for technology bloggers6

    4. Link for YouTube reviewers7

    5. Tech support and game developer diagnostics7

    6. Computer specifications checker8

    7. Personal computer application compatibility checker8

    8. Artificial intelligence driven personal computer net worth checker8

    9. AI driven game compatibility checker9

    10. Advertising in the TechSpecs ecosystem9

  3. TechSpecs service details10

    1. About TechSpecs10

    2. Integrations11

  4. ICO details11

    1. SPC Token Sale12

    2. Initial token sale bonuses12

    3. Redemption of TechSpecs Token13

    4. Calculation and token economics13

    5. Pre sale and crowdfunding14

  5. Roadmap14

  6. Closing remarks16

Executive summary

According to the latest Accenture Digital Consumer Study (for 2016), global growth in consumer technology is stalling, ending a decade of robust spending on and adoption of consumer electronics. The smartphone market has reached maturity. Demand is down 20% from 2014 in all consumer electronics categories. The reality is that people are satisfied with their current electronics (47% with their smartphones; 55% with their TVs; 49% with their laptops).

This climate of consumer purchasing reluctance is a problem not just for the manufacturers of electronics, but for retailers and the entire ecosystem around consumer electronics, including:

The biggest issues to overcome to restore consumer enthusiasm for purchasing new electronics are:

  1. Wow factor: With satisfaction rates at a multiyear high, there needs to be a way to clearly communicate why a new device is a must have.
  2. Differentiation: With less overall demand, each product needs to fight for the diminished market share. Even the smallest advantage can end up being the difference between profit and loss.
  3. Clarity: With so many similar products trying to compete for a smaller overall spend, each products needs to clearly and immediately convey its unique value proposition.

TechSpecs is solving all three issues by providing the easiest way to systematically integrate tech specs of any consumer electronics product into any website as a widget or link. It also uses artificial intelligence to auto generate tech specs for large online marketplaces. This has tangible benefits for a number of use cases:

  1. Tech bloggers and YouTube reviewers: Can now embed or link to accurate tech specs for reviewed products, along with affiliate links to profit from purchases.
  2. Sellers on second-hand marketplaces: Can embed or include the link to specs to avoid long back-and-forth emails with interested buyers, saving time and hassle.
  3. Online marketplaces: Can use TechSpecs’ AI to auto generate specs for all its consumer electronics products, increasing sales while drastically reducing costs
  4. Gamers: Can check games’ compatibility with their computers before purchasing.
  5. Tech support: Technical support professionals can get customers’ specs quickly and effortlessly, reducing support resolution time and frustration to an absolute minimum.

Business model: TechSpecs will have two main revenue streams:

  1. Fee for using the TechSpecs technology and services (both in the B2B and B2B use cases).
  2. Advertising revenue from the website, which will be built to become the go-to website for comparing the specs of consumer electronics and software/hardware compatibility (including video games).

Token ecosystem: Token volume will be measured in TechSpecs Token units (SPC). The total lifetime number of tokens generated is limited and capped at 100,000,000 SPC. Of those, 70,000,000 SPC will be available for purchase through the Initial Token Offering at the ICO price of $2.00 per SPC.

*Since TechSpecs services will be purchasable in SPC tokens, this utility use of the tokens is expected to support the demand for SPC tokens. This in turn allows the company to raise additional funding by releasing any of the 30,000,000 SPC not offered at the ICO.

Bonuses: In order to reward ICO backers, bonus tokens will be airdropped during the 5 stages of the ICO as described below in the Bonus section.

Detailed use cases

  1. Specification generator API for second-hand market place:

    Problem: As anyone who ever tried purchasing consumer electronics from a secondhand online marketplace knows all too well, comparing technical specifications gets confusing very quickly, often leaving the prospective buyer with more questions than answers. Online marketplaces like OfferUp, Jumia, Facebook Marketplace, Alibaba, Ebay, Olx, Craiglist, Letgo, and - of course - Amazon compete daily with each other in their millions of listings for the consumer’s purchase. With margins tight and competition fierce, these marketplaces throw a lot of money and developer hours on UX (with the notable exception of Craigslist).

    Solution: TechSpecs takes away this pain point, cutting hours of developer hours and money that these marketplaces dedicate to generating tech specs by integrating TechSpecs’ Application Programming Interface (API) and employing a proprietary, complete artificial intelligence run specification generator. This way, specifications for listed products are generated automatically - without sellers or marketplaces having to manually add this information. This improves the UX of these marketplaces, encourages faster and more frequent transactions, and decreases purchase intent abandonment among buyers.

    Revenue: The marketplaces will pay TechSpecs for integrating its API because this represents significant cost savings for the marketplace and a better experience for its users

  2. Specification link for sellers

    Problem: When trying to sell consumer electronics on second-hand marketplaces from eBay to Craigslist, sellers have no easy way to include accurate specs into their posting. This results in a lower chance of a successful sale and a lot of back-and-forth emailing to answer prospective buyer questions.

    Solution: TechSpecs link generator for second-hand marketplaces removes any specs questions and saves the seller a lot of time.

    Revenue: This could be a lead loss to bring more visitors to the website (for ad revenue). Alternatively, TechSpecs can charge a small fee (including in SPC tokens) for the use of its link services.

  3. Widgets for technology bloggers

    Problem: Technology bloggers face the challenge of providing accurate specs to readers, which is a daunting task when they have to churn out daily blog posts. Accurate technical reviews are hard to come by, let alone in a format that is easy to embed into a blog post and is equally easy for readers to understand.

    Solution: TechSpecs provides bloggers with a simple, accurate, intuitive widget to make their reviews much more appealing to readers while also freeing up the bloggers’ time. This in turn increases the trust and usefulness factor of the blog, helping the bloggers increase unique visits, time spent on site, and click through of the affiliate links to purchase the reviewed products.

    Revenue: With bloggers increasing ad revenue from more visits/longer on-page stays and affiliate earnings, they will pay TechSpecs for the widget.

  4. Links for YouTube reviewers

    Problem: YouTube reviews have become the go-to source for consumers seeking to make a purchasing decision about a product. A YouTube reviewer’s success depends on their ability to clearly present all the benefits and drawbacks of each product. Viewers often want to examine the described product’s specifications with more scrutiny, providing an opportunity for the reviewer to use affiliate links for an additional revenue stream. However, finding an easy-to-embed external link has been problematic.

    Solution: TechSpecs makes embedding product specs links easy for YouTubers, to the point of automating the process.

    Revenue: Just like tech bloggers, YouTube reviewers will pay TechSpecs for the links.

  5. Tech support and game developer diagnostics

    Problem: Troubleshooting technical problems is harder without the availability of detailed data about the specs and diagnostics of the hardware in question. Application/game developers and technical support reps find it frustrating (and time consuming) to diagnose and fix computer-related problems without proper technical information.

    Solution: With TechSpecs, support staff/developers can email a diagnostic link to the consumer, who can then initiate a full diagnostic run with a single click. They then send the result back to the support rep, and the diagnostic process can proceed without all the hassle that previously took up to 80% of support time.

    Revenue: Bundles purchased by developers and support companies.

  6. Computer specifications checker

    Problem: Vast majority of computer, phone, and other personal electronics users do not know the software specifications of what they own. This is a problem when deciding whether and what to upgrade. Right now, the available options are to Google these specs (confusing and time consuming) or to download third party diagnostic applications (costly and not safe).

    Solution: TechSpecs’ service allows anyone to quickly and cheaply check the specs of their electronics.

    Revenue: Specs could be purchased on an as-needed basis or as a service bundle. Manufacturers, retailers, and tech support companies can purchase TechSpecs service and offer it as an add-on to consumers (free or passing on the cost).

  7. Personal computer application compatibility checker

    Problem: Consumers often download software onto their personal computers only to find out that the two are not compatible. This wastes time and space, and potentially exposes the computer to harm.

    Solution: TechSpecs offers a quick and efficient compatibility check for Mac, Windows, and other operating systems. Furthermore, consumers can use TechSpecs to explore compatible suggested programs based on searched categories such as: New, Popular, Trending, Hot, and so on.

    Revenue: Compatibility check itself can be purchased as a software bundle or on a peruse basis. Additionally, the marketplace of suggested compatible programs opens up an affiliate revenue stream.

  8. Artificial intelligence driven personal computer net worth checker

    Problem: As anyone trying to sell their computer or phone knows, figuring out the selling price is hard. As a result of not knowing true value of their possessions, many second-hand sellers end up parting with their computers for much less than the true worth.

    Solution: Using TechSpecs, a seller can accurately calculate the net worth of his or her computer within seconds - including detailed considerations of a number of relevant variables and data. Better yet, TechSpecs net worth evaluation can be used as an independent value proof to show sellers, eliminating haggling.

    Revenue: This can be purchased on an as-needed or bundle basis.

  9. AI-driven game compatibility checker

    Problem: Computer games with even clear compatibility guidelines are not always compatible with consumers’ specific computers. Even when technically “compatible,” many games will run too slowly or crash constantly - resulting in a disappointing gaming experience.

    Solution: With TechSpecs software, consumers can quickly run specification and compatibility check on any game they wish to purchase, avoiding wasting time and money on an incompatible game.

    Revenue: Purchasable on an as-needed or bundle basis by consumers or game online retailers and review sites.

  10. Advertising in the TechSpecs ecosystem

    Problem: Advertising via Google or other intermediaries is inefficient for both advertisers and online property owners.

    Solution: Advertisers will be able to buy ad space with SPC tokens on the entire TechSpecs ecosystem.

    Revenue: Revenue will go not only to TechSpecs, but other online property owners in the TechSpecs ecosystem, including online marketplaces and tech reviewers.

TechSpecs service details

The unique value proposition of TechSpecs is in providing uniform, easy-to-understand, and simple to embed/share technical specifications for any consumer electronics program. It is a service currently in demand on both B2C and B2B levels, as outlined in the use cases above.

The payment will be in SPC tokens, which makes them utility tokens (tokens with actual use within the issuing company’s ecosystem). This utility of tokens also supports the value of SPC tokens, since users will need to buy them in order to purchase TechSpecs services.

By using the blockchain for transactions, the costs will be minimal vis-a-vis current “middleman” models that include payment and currency conversion fees. With TechSpecs, all payments go directly to the seller in a single digital currency.

About TechSpecs

TechSpecs started out as a website/web application specifically designed to provide technical specification of consumer electronics in a uniform, easy to embed and share way. This includes both manually and machine-learning generated tech specs, depending on the use case.

It was created in such a way as to significantly shorten the unnecessary stages ofelectronics evaluation, trade, and review. It thus captures and solves a major painpoint across a number of use cases of technological consumption.

TechSpecs is based in the Cayman Islands. The company is focused on making more accessible the various technical specification databases.


To make TechSpecs services and SPC tokens truly useful beyond the company’s website and their embed/link functions, the company is working on a number of integrations

At this point, TechSpecs is in various stages of active discussions with individual investors, big brand companies, and technology corporations in Africa, USA, Canada and the EU region.

A short-term integration goal is to implement TechSpecs services on second-hand marketplaces using AI & machine learning to automatically generate tech specs for thousands of SKUs.

The longer-term goal is to take the siloed online ecommerce platforms and bring them together via the SPC token and TechSpecs technical specifications services. For example, a person viewing the TechSpecs-supplied technical specifications of a product would be able to purchase the product with SPC tokens. To that end, TechSpecs is working on creating both a global standard for tech specs and the largest ecosystem of consumer electronics - all purchasable with SPC tokens.

ICO details

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a chance for early investors to back the TechSpecs project at its most critical stage.

This crowdfunding will raise the starting capital needed to finalize all the necessary paperwork, complete asset acquisition (rental of physical space, equipment, online properties, etc.), expanding of the team for optimal growth, continued development of the core product and token, optimizing UX, marketing, and other typical startup costs.

SPC Token Sale

The ICO’s token sale starts on the 1 st of May 2018 and ends on the 5 th of June 2018.

Token volume will be measured in SPECS Token units or SPC.

The total number of tokens generated is limited and capped at 100,000,000 SPC.

Of those, 70,000,000 SPC will be available for purchase at initial token offer price of $2.00 per SPC, TechSpecs is working on creating both a global standard for tech specs and the largest ecosystem of consumer electronics - all purchasable with SPC tokens.

Initial token sale bonuses

Users and backers of TechSpecs ICO will be eligible for airdrop bonuses for the duration of the TechSpecs token sale.

Week Date Token Price Discount %
1 1st May – 8th May $1.00 50%
2 8th May - 15th May $1.50 25%
3 15th May – 22nd May $1.80 10%
4 22nd May - 29th May $1.90 5%
5 29th May - 05th June $2.00 0%

Redemption of TechSpecs Tokens

SPC tokens will be ready for use by members and users of TechSpecs immediately after the ICO sale concludes, as follows:

  1. Tokens are stored in TechSpecs blockchain wallets for SPC.
  2. Users can sell and resell tokens amongst themselves using the “Send” and “Receive” TechSpecs wallet digital signatures.
  3. Users can make payments for TechSpecs search engine advertisement with SPC.
  4. Users can pay for or renew TechSpecs premium membership with TechSpecs tokens.
  5. Users can pay for or renew a subscription or premium subscription for TechSpecs services.
  6. Token can be resold to software developers and marketplace providers who use TechSpecs services and API.

Calculations and token economics

The TechSpecs ecosystem is funded by SPC tokens, with each token represented as a TechSpecs Smart Contract. Each SPC token is sub divisible to 18 decimal places, allowing for granular trades.

Presale and crowdfunding

The pre ICO’s token sale starts on the 26th of February 2018 and ends on the 30th of March 2018.

During this pre-sale period, investors can buy and store TechSpecs tokens at pre-specified token values in the TechSpecs wallet.

After this initial stage, investors may sell their tokens in exchange for cash among themselves or wait to collect their coin bounties after the TechSpecs blockchain goes live.

Week Date Token Price Discount %
1 26th Feb – 8th Mar $0.50 50%
2 8th May - 15th May $0.75 25%
3 15th May – 22nd May $0.90 10%
4 22nd May - 29th May $0.95 5%


Q3 2017
– TechSpecs UX Design

Q4 2017
– Development of the core product

Q1 2018
– Launching of the TechSpecs Website
– Launching of the SPECS ICO Pre-Sale
– Launching of the widgets for technology bloggers
– Launching of the Specification link generator for eCommerce sellers
– Launching of the specification link generator for YouTube technology reviewers
– Launching of our computer specifications checker
– Launching of new product categories

Q2 - Q3 2018
– Launching of the SPECS ICO
– Launching of TechSpecs “Discover”: A service that lets you explore all games and apps your computer can run.
– Launching of the Official API for second-hand market places
– Launching of our Artificial intelligence driven personal computer net worth checker
– Localization of The TechSpecs Platform
– Onboarding of our first wave of Big Customers: Letgo, OfferUp, Kijiji, Mercari, Poshmark

Q4 2018
– Expansion of our product category
– Launching of our service for Tech support and game developer diagnostics
– Onboarding of our second wave of Big Customers: Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Etsy, 5miles, Verizon, BestBuy, Fry’s Electronics, Target, Craigslist.

Q4 2017
– Launching of Advertisement in the TechSpecs ecosystem
– Rollout of the TechSpecs Ad Manager

Closing remarks

TechSpecs is creating an ecosystem that aims to become the world-leading platform for technological help, review, evaluation, and purchase of consumer electronics goods. It is underpinned by the SPECS token built on blockchain technology.

In its most basic and practical form, TechSpecs will provide a simple to use and implement solution to hitherto complex technological problems for bloggers, YouTubers, consumers, support staff, gamers, online marketplaces, advertisers, and other use cases.

Unlike the many cryptocurrencies promising to solve problems that do not exist or disrupting markets that do not need disruption, TechSpecs is solving a major pain point that affects a large number of consumer electronics users, sellers, reviewers, and support staff. There is both a B2B and B2C need for TechSpecs services. And the use of the SPC token as the unified payments solution will significantly reduce costs vis-a-vis legacy services that TechSpecs is replacing.

Join us today before TechSpecs becomes the global standard for technical specifications.